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If you are a person that travel a lot then you have to know how it is difficult to find time for yourself, that is, for recreation and activities.

People like Dida Pelled are dying to find some time just for them her self during her tours. If you are an artist then you certainly realize what the problem is here. All the free time that you have you are spending on traveling that is on the road. Sometimes it could be very frustrating not to have time for yourself. And the question is where to find time for yourself and where find time for some kind of recreation. If you are traveling on short distance the best solution for this travel by your own RV.

Some people will say that this is a very expensive investment, but on the other side when you look at the possibility to do recreation in your personal RV it doesn’t look expensive at all. You can buy all necessary equipment for your personal GYM in your personal RV. In this way you will spare yourself a lot of time, and all the time that you will spend on traveling now you can use to do some practice and to do on your body. Otherwise you will spend all your time on listening to your MP3 or chatting with your travel companions.


The problem is with a long travels when you use plane. How to find time for recreation in this case? While you are traveling this is not possible except you have your private jet, but for people who are traveling by economy class there isn’t much choice. So the question is what to do in these kinds of situation?

Depositphotos_25045547_l-3women-powerwalking-city-monkeybusinessIf you are staying in a hotel my very best advice for you is to use stairs, just try to avoid elevators and wake up those pairs of your legs. And if you have a free time to do sightseeing of the city that you are visiting try to do it by walk. Everything that is in so far and doesn’t take you too much time you can visit it by walk. Especially if you want to really enjoy in the atmosphere of that city. The best way to get known with some culture or city is to walk by its streets, to feel the smell of that city of food produced in their restaurants and to hear how they are talking to each other, which intonation they are using especially when it is about some foreign language. In this way you will recover your body and spirit as well. And if you go too far you can always call for some limo to drive you at the hotel. Personally my favorites are luxurious San Gabriel limos.

They are very comfortable and spacious not to mention the day arrive always in time and in a very short period. In this way you will be able to enjoy do you from the window of your wary fast limo.

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